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Happy Retail Employees Day RetailEmployeesDay RED2019 ThankYouBolaKya Retailindia Retail TRRAINindia https t

Happy Retail Employees Day #RetailEmployeesDay #RED2019 #ThankYouBolaKya #Retailindia #Retail @TRRAINindia #RetailEmployeesDay #RED2019 #ThankYouBolaKya #Retailindia #Retail

Posted on : 12 Dec 2019

Today, on the occasion of Retail Employees’ Day, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our dear V-Martians for their hard work, commitment to always go beyond towards providing their services to the organization and making us reach new heights each day. At the core of our success is each and every one of you – our Dedicated Family! #RetailEmployeesDay #RED2018 #ThankYouBolaKya #HappyVMartians #RetailEmployeesDay #RED2018 #ThankYouBolaKya #HappyVMartians

Posted on : 12 Dec 2018 4:51 PM
 VMart wishes the entire Retail Fraternity a very Happy Retail Employees Day 12Dec

#VMart wishes the entire Retail Fraternity a very Happy Retail Employees' Day #12Dec. We acknowledge the efforts of the retail front runners who redefine customer service on the store. #Thankyoubolakya #RetailEmployeesDay #VMart #12Dec #Thankyoubolakya #RetailEmployeesDay

Posted on : 12 Dec 2016 12:19 PM

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